Oeufs de Pâques de yogourt glacé, en pochettes réutilisables 🐣

Frozen yogurt Easter eggs, in pouches 🐣

We wanted you to discover a very simple little recipe that we can make with our coconuts and which is a change from Easter chocolate hihi! 🐣 Kangoo et Cie reusable pouches are perfect for use as sockets!

Ingredients :

- Yogurt of your choice

- Food coloring in Easter colors 🎨

Material :

- Cooking plate

- Parchment paper

- Kangoo Et Cie reusable pouches

Steps :

1. Pour yogurt directly into a Kangoo et Cie reusable pouch up to under the K of Kangoo Et Cie to avoid overflow.

2. Add a drop or two of dye directly into the reusable pouch and close the zipper by pressing firmly.

3. Squeeze the (closed) pouch filled with yogurt to mix and even out the food coloring.

4. Pour the desired amount of yogurt in an egg shape onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.

5. Leave in the freezer for at least 1h30.

6. Taste! 🐇

* Do not leave out in the freezer for too long. So after 1h30-2h00, put in an airtight container to prevent the yogurt from drying out and return to the freezer.

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