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ECONOPACK Set of 12 reusable food pouches with caps - Boho collection (12 x 5 oz)

ECONOPACK Set of 12 reusable food pouches with caps - Boho collection (12 x 5 oz)

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Reusable food pouches (and caps) from the BOHO collection (12x)

They save money, because you can buy in larger quantities (e.g. large pot of store-bought yogurt or compote).
They encourage children to adopt healthy eating habits and eat homemade foods rather than processed and individually packaged foods.
They are durable and hard-wearing, meaning they can be used for several years, reducing waste even further.
They are easy to carry everywhere.
They each contain 5 oz.
“max” filling line
Kangoo et cie's reusable food pouches are the perfect snacks/meals, whether on the top of a mountain, at the beach or at home. They are ecological, economical, transportable and damage-free. Add compote, yogurt, smoothie, puree or soup and enjoy without any mess.

The set contains 12 different colored pouches (2x terracotta, 2x mustard yellow, 2x cantaloupe, 2x mint, 2x navy, and 2x emerald) and six different unisex designs.


Versatile and practical: The reusable pouches come in a set of 6. Each can hold 5 oz. Perfect for snacks or meals on the go, they fit easily into lunch boxes, diaper bags, etc. Ideal for busy parents and active children.
Safe and durable materials: Made from BPA-, PVC-, lead- and phthalate-free food-grade plastic, these pouches prioritize your child's health and well-being. The secure double zipper prevents leaks, making them great for travel and picnics.
Easy to clean: The pouch, rectangular in shape and with rounded corners, has been designed to make cleaning easy. They can be washed by hand in soapy water or in the top rack dishwasher.
Compatible with Child-Led Diversification (DME) Standards: Encourage independence and self-feeding in your little ones with these food pouches.
Eco-Friendly: Reduce waste and promote sustainability with this refillable option. Reduce single-use plastic waste.
Economical: Buy store-bought yogurt or compote containers in bulk and save 2 to 3x the price of snacks.
No mess: Because it is very difficult for our minis to eat with a spoon, the pockets considerably reduce the mess produced.
Prepare snacks in advance: Prepare your favorite snacks and freeze them. You can even use it as an Ice Pack in your older children's lunch boxes or during your nature hikes!

Turn the pouch inside out and open the zipper. Fill with your favorite recipe (Smoothie, Compote, Yogurt, Baby puree, Soup).
Prepare your snacks in advance, enjoy them or freeze them.
Place the pouches on the top shelf of the dishwasher. Otherwise, wash by hand with soapy water.

Do not leave the child unsupervised with this product. Clean before first use. Not microwave safe. 6 months and over

11cm x 17cm. Holds 5oz (148ml) in 12 unique, unisex designs


BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalates-free and lead-free food grade plastic


Reusable food pouches hold 4oz (118ml).


Width: 10cm

Height: 17cm


Do not heat in the microwave

Go in the freezer

Wash by hand or in the top rack of the dishwasher

*Children should be supervised at all times when using this product

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