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Bottle rack, reusable food pouches and other accessories

Bottle rack, reusable food pouches and other accessories

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Our attractive greige colored drying rack is ideal for drying your reusable food pouches, baby bottles, bottle nipples, bottles and other accessories.

  • It is equipped with a reservoir that collects excess water to keep countertops dry and facilitates maintenance.
  • The branches keep the objects straight to allow complete drying.
  • Branches fold flat for easy storage and transport.


- Organization and Storage : A bottle rack provides a convenient and tidy way to dry and store bottles, pacifiers, caps and other related accessories.

- Efficient drying : The bottle racks are designed to promote fast and efficient drying while preventing the growth of bacteria.

- Time saving : By using a bottle drainer, parents save time by avoiding having to wipe each bottle individually.


BPA-free plastic



25cm x 16cm x 3cm

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